Star Certified Smog Station

Need a smog check in Ukiah Fast? We are ready to help at DFM Auto Repair. With an appointment you are in and out quickly.  We do our best to provide the smog check Ukiah locals prefer.  We also provide a wide variety of auto repair services for most foreign and domestic vehicles.

DFM Auto Repair is a STAR Station, which means that we are known by the Bureau of Automotive Repair to meet a higher performance standard at our Smog Check facility. We are a designated STAR Station that is licensed to perform both tests and repairs, which means we are your one-stop-shop for your smog test and required auto repair services.

We offer smog tests five days a week so that you can come in when it fits into your schedule. Our technician can provide these services in as little as half an hour, which means less time spent waiting and peace of mind that your smog test was handled by a professional. However, to ensure prompt service, it would be wise to schedule an appointment for your smog check at our Ukiah facility.

To schedule an appointment for a smog check or smog repair give us a call at (707) 462-3008. We look forward to seeing you at our DFM Auto Repair shop, which is conveniently located at 575 S. State Street, Ukiah, CA 95482.

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Avoiding the Smog Check Headache


We see this all the time. The worst part of this headache is the car may not pass smog. Hence, cost you money for repairs to get it to pass. Rarely is this added expense used to determine if the car is a good deal. Consequently it’s pretty hard to go back to the seller to get money back to cover the smog. In most cases, the seller has spent the money. Remember this: if you haven’t handed over the money, ask for a smog certificate before you do…the seller will get the smog done.
If not maybe they knew something that you didn’t and you should pass. They want your money! As a result, it is a done deal, period! Above all, you register it and you know exactly what the car will cost you. This is the smart way to do business.


The worst part of this situation is: with a price agreed to between the two parties, it is pretty hard to go to the buyer and ask for more money. When you sell your car, you know how much money you want. Get it smog checked before you determine a price. As a result, if it costs you more money for repairs you will know. Hence, you have this information to figure into your selling price equation. Plus, if you have a smog certificate to show a potential buyer, it can be a great sales tool. Again, a smart way to do business.

Note: It is the legal responsibility of the SELLER to have the vehicle smog checked. You can not sell a vehicle “as is” concerning the smog. You may end up spending money months after you sold your vehicle for smog-related repairs. If the buyer takes you to court to collect money they spend to get the smog certificate, the buyer will win the judgment.

Protect Yourself — Smog Check BEFORE the Vehicle Changes Hands