Star Certified Smog Station

The Star Certified Smog Station Program is designed to make the Smog Check Program more convenient for consumers. It allows a licensed Smog Check station,  that meets higher performance standards to provide a variety of inspection and repair services to California consumers. In addition to the regular Smog Check inspection and repair services, Star Certified stations can inspect and certify “Directed Vehicles,” and issue certificates to “Gross Polluters,”

Star Eligibility Criteria

A Star Certified station must:

  • Have no disciplinary actions against its Automotive Repair Dealer Registration (ARD), Smog Check station license or the licenses of its technicians or managers.
  • Meet strict testing and repair performance standards each calendar quarter.
  • Submit to periodic performance inspections and monitoring.

ASE Certified

Certification for auto professionals. Peace of mind for customers.

The non-profit National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) works to improve the quality of vehicle repair and service by testing and certifying automotive professionals. Today, more than 350,000 professionals hold ASE certifications, and work in every part of the automotive service industry. Just look for the blue-and-white ASE insignia.

Brake & Lamp Certified

DFM Auto Repair is licensed to perform Brake and Lamp Certification as required by the DMV to register a salvaged vehicle.

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New smog check law, effective 7/1/2019

Vehicles 2010 or newer only. When you have check engine light repairs prior to your smog check. You must drive the vehicle 200 miles with 15 cold starts* before having the smog inspection. This will prevent a failed smog check for not completing this procedure. Unfortunately, there is not a way to verify enough miles or starts has occurred prior to the smog check. The smog machine is connected to the engine management system during the test and the information is retrieved.

*a cold start is when the vehicle has cooled after having been run. We recommend letting it sit 6-8 hours between drives